Ready for 300W, Three-Slot Graphics Cards?

Tired of two-slot graphics cards dominating your system internals? Bad news, then: the PCI Express SIG is preparing for three-slot graphics cards that may consume up to 300 watts just by themselves.

The PCI Special Interest Group is holding a press conference in a little over an hour, detailing the shift to PCI Express 3.0 in roughly 2010, and improvements to the external cabling specification that allow for external graphics solutions for notebooks and other interesting design ideas.

The PCI-SIG said last year that they were preparing an electromechanical specification for these types of cards, and in fact, according to a SIG slide presentation released ahead of the meeting, the specification was released at the end of March. Why do we need such a spec? As of now, the 150-watt spec is no longer sufficient, according to the SIG.

Besides the 2x3 connector defined in the 150W Graphics Spec 1.0, a new 2x4 connector is being defined for delivering power to the 225/300W cards, the SIG said.
Although my schedule is swamped today, I'm hoping to sit in on the press conference for any updates that the SIG may provide.