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    Sep 2004

    Predefinito ATI Road Map

    Direttamente dall'oriente la road map di ATI.... grazie a

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    Gecude has recently released their product roadmap that outlines new ATi 80nm based products. The new 80nm RV560 and RV570 are still designed with 12 Pixel Shader Processor, similar to RV530 Crossfire except they have build-in Compositing Engine. According to Gecude’s roadmap, it seems RV560/RV570 cannot provide a better performance than Radeon X1800XT. Yet we have got another comparison from ATi, the story was a total difference. The final specification of RV560/RV570 perhaps is a mystery still its release in this summer.

    On the other hand, ATi will spilt RV515 (Radeon X1300 family) into 128Bit RV516 (TSMC) and 64Bit RV505CE (UMC) versions. They share the same design of RV515 (4PS/2VS), differed on the improvement of 80nm process. As nVidia G73 has 64Bit memory controller only, RV505CE is then become a comparable product by its lower cost.

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    Sep 2004


    LA Rs700 versione ATi IGP è la prima scheda video integrata che supporta le Direct X10
    Originariamente inviato da HKEPC
    News shared from main board manufacturer, ATi are going to release RS600 on July.
    ATi RS600 is the first IGP supporting AVIVO, providing hardware encoding and decoding ability. DVI and HDMI output are also included. It is also the first chipset with build-in HDCP on Chip. High Definition Audio has been moved to north bridge in RS600, so extra connections are no longer necessary. Based on Radeon X700, the performance of RS600 would be a double of RS480, and it has awarded for Microsoft Vista premium logo ready, supporting Aero Glass UI interface.

    By the way, ATi has no plan on Direct X9.0c and Shader Model 3.0 IGP product. The next generation RS700 would jump to Direct X10 with Shader Model 4.0, supporting Unified Shaders architecture and using 65nm process to lower the power. Its AVIVO video engine also supports HD-DVD and Blue-Ray Disc. It’s a pin-to-pin compatible product to RS600 and expected to available on mid 2007.

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