[News]Ati passa ad OpenGL2 ecco i driver

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    tebibyte L'avatar di asphalt
    Sep 2004

    Predefinito [News]Ati passa ad OpenGL2 ecco i driver

    Aspettavo la contromossa della ATI e non ho dovuto attendere poi molto ecco i driver ATI Catalyst 5.3 Option 1: Complete Driver & Standard Control Panel 23.1MB
    Option 2: Complete Driver & Catalyst Control Center 29.7MB

    With the release of CATALYST 5.3 today, ATI is pleased to announce support for Open GL 2.0. The addition of Open GL 2.0 provides a platform to further leverage the power of our latest hardware to enhance the realism ofOpen GL-based games and applications. Users have the ability to enjoy increased visual realism in how scenes are rendered and in the use of shadows - bringing a cinematic gaming experience that much closer.

    This is a significant addition to CATALYST and further strengthens ATI's
    position as providing the most stable, high performance driver in the
    industry today.

    The addition of Open GL 2.0 offers a number of key benefits for CATALYST and ATI hardware, including:

    1. Programmable shading - With this new release, both OpenGL Shading
    Language and its APIs are now core features of OpenGL. New functionality
    includes the ability to create shader and program objects; and the ability
    to write vertex and fragment shaders in OpenGL Shading Language.

    2. Multiple render targets that enable programmable shaders to write
    different values to multiple output buffers in a single pass.

    3. Non-power-of-two textures for all texture targets, thereby supporting
    rectangular textures and reducing memory consumption.

    4. Two-sided stencil with the ability to define stencil functionality for
    the front and back faces of primitives, improving performance of shadow
    volume and constructive solid geometry rendering algorithms.

    5. Point sprites which replace point texture coordinates with texture
    coordinates interpolated across the point. This allows drawing points as
    customized textures, useful for particle systems.


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    Feb 2005


    ma nvidia con quali driver li supporta? gli Open GL 2? io ho i 71.84

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    tebibyte L'avatar di Murakami
    Sep 2004


    Originariamente inviato da poty
    ma nvidia con quali driver li supporta? gli Open GL 2? io ho i 71.84
    Credo dalla serie 75 in avanti.

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