TCTools: ATI Optimized driver 1.7

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    tebibyte L'avatar di asphalt
    Sep 2004

    Predefinito TCTools: ATI Optimized driver 1.7

    24 hours before Valve unlocks one of the most anticipated games ever, TechConnect hooks you up with two new sets of ATI drivers that meant to boost Half-Life 2 & Counter-Strike source performance by about 5-20% and ofcourse it also improves OpenGL for old and new games by about 20%.

    We have created two different versions to suit the different type of cards, but we recommend everybody to use the Ultra version unless you don't have a chipset that supports this driver. In that case you may download the Lite edition...

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    tebibyte L'avatar di Murakami
    Sep 2004


    Già postati anche questi, chiudo.

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