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    nibble L'avatar di EuroDriver
    Feb 2015


    Originariamente inviato da krellz
    scusate ma AO MSM, è AudiophileOptimizer ma MSM che cosa è ?
    purtroppo non posso sempre collegarmi e state andando avanti troppo velocemente ! quanta carne al fuoco !!!
    sarebbe carino magari fare un piccolo riepilogo... tra i vari sistemi; ormai cominciano ad essere tanti ! (troppi...)
    una curiosità : quando si acquista Audiophile Optimizer su quanti computer può essere eseguito ? (e quante volte?)
    MSM = Minimal Server Mode

    WS2012 has three operating modes, GUI = Graphical User Interface, MSM and Core mode

    I believe the licence system for AO is good for 5 unique computer profiles. If you scrap a computer you can ask Phil for another licence key

    I am playing around with 3 systems,
    - Bonn, Germany which is in my signature
    - Sound Galleries Monaco, which has Kef Blades, Grimm LS1, Hypex NCore (same as mine) Exasound E22. Sound Galeries also has Avantgarde Duo but not using in these tests
    HQ Player on various PC's > HQ Player NAA on WS 2012 + AO(MSM) on i7 3770 on DH61DL mobo > TOTALDAC D1 USB cable >
    Exasound E20 Mk III with 0.82 clock > Hypex NCore 400 > Inakustik LS1203 >
    B&W 805D. DSpeaker 8033 > Velodyne SPL 1200 Ultra
    GIK room treatment, diagonal speaker placement

    Sonos Connect> Toslink > miniDSP Dirac DDRC-22D > Toslink > NAD D3020 > inAkustic zip cord > KEF LS50 + SVS SB-1000
    No room treatment, tiled floor, asymmetric room, unequal speaker distances to listening position

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    Dec 2010


    I must give you a response on your question about SSD PSU. My philosophy , when I approached myself for the first time to linear PSU problem, was to give a single PSU to each sector of the PC.
    So, in my first "linear PC" I assembled a 12V PSU for the mobo, another 12V for CPU, another 12V for external storage HDD, a 5V PSU for SSD (OS only). Really at that time I assembled also one 12V and one 5V for the ASUS STX: it was more a power station than a PC!!!.
    I made this for two reasons:
    A) It's easier to assemble a good or very good low current PSU rather than a big one
    B) little current PSU means not only low noise but a lot of good capacitors that filters that low noise
    When I discovered Belleson regulators I was able to feed my machine with the best sounding PSU I've tried until now. They are very expansive, each of them is capable of no more of 2A but it's easy to make a parallel of two or three of them to reach the current that a modern CPU needs.
    Now coming back to SSD PSU in my last setup my SSD is..........without PSU!!
    Using the Asus Z97i-plus I'm trying a Kingston M2 SSD, a little affair without any cable that you insert on his little M2 slot on the lower face of that little mini-ITX mobo. KingstonM2 is not expansive and, consequentely, not so fast but is really a good choice inside a little case and for sparing current too.
    I wish to explain better my experience in LPSU and his great influence on SQ, because a generic LPSU could be not enough when you are searching for the best possible sound. In brief I can affirm that Belleson-based psu remains the best one for me.

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