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  1. I work for Timeo and I am passionate about clocks and watches.
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June 10, 1984 (37)
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Would you like to know several things about me? I am an environment protector working for the good condition of our planet. I organise environmental inspections, like the one called 678061 of 01/15/2015. We were bounded to check Northwest 1 Trucking and Metal at 3200 S Kedzie ave. It was simply a new one of the solid waste inspections type, class ii inspection subcategory. Our summary of the examination was: "upon arriving atnorthwest 1 trucking inc. (3200 s. kedzieave.), i interviewed the owner, filomeno maldonado. i then proceededto inspect the facility.i found the the non ferrous material, located in the building, to be storedproperly labeled. the outside of the facility is where the iron scrap is deposited processed. i observed three piles of iron scraap.i found thesite to be indecentcondition. i obsserved very little minimal litter.i observed a couple of clients, in pick-up trucks,unloading metal scrap. i check the recyclables for stolen prohibited materials, in which i found none. i found the facility to be in decent condition. they had goodrecords.they have a current permit which expires 8/15/2017."..
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