Leica x2, 16mpixel aps-c ed obiettivo 36mm f2,8

Design e qualità costruttiva caratterizzano la nuova

Leica X2, compatta premium ad ottica fissa (Leica Elmarit 24mm F2,8 asferico, 36mm equiv.), basata su un sensore CMOS APS-C da 16MPixel.

Oltre naturalmente all'accoppiata sensore/obiettivo, la Leica X2 si distingue, stando al Produttore, per il nuovo sotto-sistema AF, adesso più veloce e reattivo; presente inoltre l'accessory port, situata al di sotto dell'hot-shoe, che consente di montare l'EVF esterno "Viso-Flex".

Riguardo questo add-on, è impossibile non notare come esso sia perfettamente identico all'Olympus VF-2 da 1.44Mdots, uno dei migliori mirini elettronici in commercio e recentemente affiancato dal più compatto VF-3.

Probabilmente in linea con il target di mercato cui è destinata, la Leica X2 non è in grado di catturare video.

La dotazione software della X2, come da Comunicato Stampa sotto-riportato, comprende anche  Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

, circa 1.995USD.

Al link in calce, la pagina ufficiale italiana.

L'EVF esterno Viso-Flex da 1,44Mdots, identico al VF-2 Olympus

Press Release Ufficiale


Solms, Germany (May 10,2012) - LeicaCamera AG presents the X2, a new addition to the X-line of compact digitalcameras. Handmade at Leica's headquarters in Germany, the Leica X2 features anew APS-C-format professional CMOS image sensor with over 16.5 megapixels(effective 16.2 MP). In combination with the high-performance Leica Elmarit 24mm f/2.8 ASPH. lens, a classic focal length for photojournalism, this sensorensures maximum image quality and sparkling brilliance. With its refinedstyling and high-performance technical features, the Leica X2 offersunsurpassed performance in a compact package.

The Leica X2's autofocussystem has also been enhanced, allowing the camera to adapt to all shootingsituations with enormous flexibility and enabling fast, extremely precise andalmost silent focusing. The camera's profile is complemented by numeroussetting options from full manual control to automatic functions and anintuitive handling concept. These features make the Leica X2 the idealpremium-class compact camera for discerning photographers who wish toconcentrate completely on their subjects and appreciate creative andtrue-to-life pictures.

The CMOS image sensor ofthe X2 is unusually large for a camera in the compact segment. Despite its highresolution of over 16 megapixels, each individual pixel on the sensor is verylarge, allowing the X2 to gather more light. The resulting benefits include lowimage noise, a high dynamic range and accurate color differentiation. The cropfactor of the sensor is 1.5 in comparison with 35-mm film format, meaning thatthe Leica Elmarit 24 mm f/2.8 ASPH. lens of the Leica X2 becomes a universal reportagelens with an effective 35-mm-equivalent focal length of 36 millimeters. This isconsidered to be a classic focal length amongst prime lenses and has capturedinnumerable iconic images. The moderate wide-angle character and naturalrendition of dimensions by the high-performance lens of the X2 open up a broadspectrum of different options for capturing those decisive moments inoutstanding, authentic and richly detailed picture quality.

As a result of its simpleoperating concept, the Leica X2 offers clearly laid-out functions and intuitivehandling. At the same time, it offers an impressive range of automatic andversatile manual setting options. Thanks to the ease of switching betweenmanual and automatic control, photographers can concentrate completely oncomposing their subjects and choosing the decisive instant to shoot in anysituation. The dials on the top deck provide grip when setting the shutterspeed and aperture. Moreover, changing the plane of focus, the white balanceand other imaging parameters allows photographers to consciously influence thelook or mood of their images. In live view mode, the generously sizedhigh-contrast 2.7" monitor offers photographers complete control at alltimes and a bright and detailed view, even in strong light.

The features offered by theLeica X2 provide greater creative freedom and a wide range of photographicoptions. For instance, the Leica X2's large sensor and fast lens make it idealfor shooting in available light. The camera also features a pop-up flash thatcan be activated whenever an additional light source is required. If morelighting power and flexibility are required, the accessory shoe of the X2offers full compatibility with the Leica SF 24D and SF 58 system flash units.

The Leica X2 is characterizedby clear lines and an intensely focused design concept. The linearity of itsdesign and its compact, handy form are reminiscent of the Leica M-cameras.This, in combination with its robust, all-metal construction and premium,high-grip leather trim makes the X2 a classic Leica camera in both looks andfeel. The camera is available in a discreet black or elegant silver finish.

An extensive range ofaccessories is also available to adapt the Leica X2 to each photographer'sindividual photographic needs and style. A new offering is the Viso-Flexhigh-resolution electronic accessory finder with 1.4 megapixels and a 90°swivel function for shooting from unusual angles. Also available is abright-line mirror finder that can be mounted on the accessory shoe and ensuresa bright and clear view at all times, with no drain on the camera battery. Anaccessory handgrip increases the hold and stability of the camera and makes iteasier to shoot one-handed. Leica continues to offer a comprehensive range ofbags and cases: a premium-quality black leather case to match the elegance ofthe X2, an ergonomically designed camera protector in untreated leather, anever-ready case in organically tanned cowhide to protect the camera during useand a system bag that offers more room for the camera and a range ofaccessories.

Adobe® Photoshop®Lightroom®, a professional digital workflow solution for Apple Mac® OS X andMicrosoft Windows®, is also included in the X2 package. This digital imageprocessing software offers a wide range of functions for the management,processing and presentation of digital images. Leica X2 customers can downloadthe software free from the Leica website after registering their camera.

The Leica X2 is availablenow through Leica dealers including the Leica Store Washington DC. The optionalaccessories will be available after the market launch of the camera.

Leica IT, X2 Official Page